Upcoming Fallout 4 Update Will Add Destructible Environment

Upcoming Fallout 4 Update Will Add Destructible Environment

Upcoming Fallout 4 Update Will Add Destructible Environment

by February 5, 2016

Bethesda reveals that weapon debris is going to come to the PC version of Fallout 4, with this environmental destruction arriving in the title’s 1.3 patch.

When Fallout 4 was released in the twilight of last year, the title proved to be a huge success with critics and gamers alike. Many of those who played the post-apocalyptic RPG were impressed with the setting, with Bethesda bringing the franchise to the ruins of Boston and the Commonwealth. Some players, however, are clearly not happy with the damage already done to the region, as a new update brings destructible environments to the game.

At the moment, this update is only going to be available for PC players, however. Since the weapon debris uses Nvidia’s PhysX effects system, and both consoles utilize AMD chips instead, unfortunately it looks like console players are going to have to miss out. That said, Bethesda has promised that more news on mod content for consoles is coming soon, so at least those players have some striking new features in the pipeline.

Developer Bethesda is clearly excited about being able to unveil this new weapon debris feature soon. The studio decided to share a brief glimpse of the new addition in action, revealing the movements of beta user GSY Miguel on its official Twitter page. Those interested in seeing this weapon debris can see this shared footage below.

Aside from the addition of weapon debris, the patch is also going to bring in a number of other features. When the patch was revealed earlier this week, Bethesda also confirmed plenty of other additions, as well as sorting out some of the game’s flaws. Gamers can look forward to new ambient occlusion setting and the ability to rotate objects, whilst a number of gameplay and quest fixes will also be implemented.

Of course, those who are interested in building rather than destroying have plenty of choice already. Fallout 4 introduced players to the ability to build settlements in the wasteland, as a safe haven for other survivors trying to escape from the attacks of raiders and mutants. This has led to a number of impressive projects, with players building everything from BioShock-themed settlements to recreations of Fallout 3’s Tenpenny Tower.

It remains to be seen as to just how much this weapon debris feature will change the wasteland, but players will likely appreciate being able to leave another mark on the game. Bethesda has tried to give Fallout 4 users a much greater involvement in the shape of the Commonwealth, and this patch addition seems to suggest that the developer is planning to push this even further. Let’s see whether it truly makes Fallout 4 feel any more immersive.

Source: Bethesda Game Studios (Twitter)