Ubisoft Now Limiting The Division Beta Access

Ubisoft Now Limiting The Division Beta Access

Ubisoft Now Limiting The Division Beta Access

by January 29, 2016

Ubisoft has confirmed that the beta for The Division is no longer gauranteeing access to those on the wait list after an ‘unprecedented response’ from fans.

Since yesterday, gamers interested in The Division have been able to access the closed beta, which is slated to run until the end of the weekend. It hasn’t taken long for countless gamers to give The Division a run for its money, though it’s not as if Ubisoft was caught unprepared – the studio fixed upwards of 10,000 bugs ahead of the beta release. While an innumerable amount of gamers have already downloaded the game and are learning how to survive in the city, there are still many fans left waiting for their beta keys.

Unfortunately, due to the massive amount of players pouring onto Ubisoft’s servers, the studio has revealed that not only are those still on the wait list unlikely to receive beta codes today, but their access to the beta is no longer a guarantee. According to a community manager at Ubisoft, the response for the beta of The Division was much larger than they had anticipated, and while this is certainly great news for the studio, it means many fans have to sit on the sidelines while waiting for their chance to roam the many streets of New York.

The announcement on the Ubisoft Forum was made by Natchai Stappers, a Community Manager at Ubisoft. Within the post, Natchai commends fans of The Division for their enthusiasm, and says that the interest The Division beta has received was ‘unprecedented’. Unfortunately, this means that those on the waiting list hoping to gain access today will have the odds against them, as Natchai went on to explain those who end up getting codes will likely be waiting until tomorrow at a minimum:

It is unlikely that the players who are currently on the waitlist will gain access to the beta today. Our goal is to grant access to all those players interested in playing The Division and we still hope to do so. Please check back tomorrow for an update on the status of the waitlist.We thank you again for your excitement and understanding.

An update on the official Ubisoft website followed shortly after his post, which confirmed that those not in the beta as of yet may miss the beta entirely. Some gamers still on the wait list were guaranteed access to the beta for pre-ordering the game, and Ubisoft says they are working closely with their partners to ensure these gamers get their access by tomorrow, when the next batch of keys is released.

Gamers interested in seeing the beta can catch the developers doing a Twitch stream today, where they’ll be sure to provide keen insight on how the game works. The beta officially launched on January 28th, and runs until the end of the weekend.

Those still interested in joining the waiting list can do so here.

The Division is due to launch on March 8th for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

Source: Ubisoft