The Division’s Breaking Bad Easter Egg

The Division’s Breaking Bad Easter Egg

The Division’s Breaking Bad Easter Egg

by March 13, 2016

A Reddit user by the name of mechspectre discovers a spoiler-filled Breaking Bad Easter Egg hidden in Tom Clancy’s The Division that references Walt and Jesse.

Observant gamers that have been playing Tom Clancy’s The Division since its launch last Tuesday have managed to discover a number of Easter Eggs hidden in the game. The latest Easter Egg found in The Division was discovered by Reddit user mechspectre, and it should be amusing for any fans of the critically-acclaimed AMC TV show Breaking Bad. However, those that have yet to see every episode of Breaking Bad should proceed with caution, as the Easter Egg does include some major spoilers.

Similarly to The Division‘s Shaun of the Dead Easter Egg, the Breaking Bad reference in the game consists of holographic representations of the show’s characters. Players can see The Division‘s version of Jesse Pinkman (named Jonathan Pinkman in the game) as well as the game’s take on Breaking Bad‘s main character, Walter White (known as William White in The Division).

The information available on the holograms state that Pinkman’s status is unknown, and he is unemployed. Pinkman also has a criminal record attached to his Division hologram. Meanwhile, White is said to be deceased, his occupation was that of a chemistry teacher, and he once owned a car wash. As anyone that has seen Breaking Bad will know, these are all traits that these Division holograms share with the show’s primary protagonists.

The Division's Breaking Bad Easter Egg - Division Breaking Bad Easter Egg

The Division‘s Breaking Bad Easter Egg joins the likes of other Easter Eggs discovered in the game so far. These include the aforementioned Shaun of the Dead Easter Egg, a number of Ubisoft Easter Eggs, and even a somewhat obscure Batman Easter Egg as well. If we had to guess, it seems reasonable to assume that there are even more Easter Eggs hidden away in the game waiting for players to stumble upon them.

After all, The Division‘s map is quite large, and so there’s plenty of areas where Massive Entertainment could stash even more clever pop culture references in the game. That being said, it does seem like a lot of these Easter Eggs have been found in The Division‘s PvP Dark Zone, so anyone looking for more should probably consider looking there first.

As is apparent by the Easter Eggs that have already been discovered in The Division, Massive Entertainment and Ubisoft have assured that the game is stuffed with amusing secrets for players to find. Even though quite a few of these Easter Eggs have already been found, even more will likely be reported by eagle-eyed gamers in the coming weeks.

Tom Clancy’s The Division is available now for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

Source: Reddit