The Division: Vendor Blueprints Will Rotate, Says Ubisoft

The Division: Vendor Blueprints Will Rotate, Says Ubisoft

The Division: Vendor Blueprints Will Rotate, Says Ubisoft

by March 22, 2016

During a recent live chat, a Ubisoft employee reveals that The Division will eventually rotate its vendor blueprints, but for now they are static.

Gamers in The Division are now adjusting to the new 1.02 patch update, but that doesn’t mean Ubisoft Massive is done poking around the game’s internal mechanics. Plenty of gamers have probably noticed that vendor blueprints in The Division don’t actually rotate after the timer runs out, and many think this suggests the feature is broken. However, as it turns out, the vendor blueprints are meant to be static (gear will rotate once the timer hits zero), but they will eventually change at some point.

During a live chat about the game on Twitch, Ubisoft Massive Community Developer Hamish Bode put speculation to rest, stating that vendor blueprints would be undergoing some “changes” in the future. What these changes actually entail has yet to be revealed, but it means life will soon be made easier for agents looking to maximize their tech options as they progress through the game.

The news of a change in how blueprints show up in vendor inventories ultimately just means that gamers looking to create special high-end gear will have an easier time doing so, so it’s likely that the changes will bring little to no objections from fans. While some players have had luck with high-end drops – and should have better luck thanks to the new patch – blueprints are still the best way to procure The Division‘s highest tier of loot.

For those still leveling up their characters, vendors are an integral part of getting rid of unused gear and acquiring better weapons and equipment. While they may leave gamers with a snooty remark should they choose not to perform any actions, the talkative inventory hubs are integral to the grind that is The Division, and we’ll keep you posted when more news about the upcoming vendor blueprint changes are officially detailed by Ubisoft Massive.

The Division Farm High End Weapons Guide

One of the biggest loot farming glitches in The Division – which fans have affectionately called the Loot Cave – was recently fixed (complete with an official memorial to the glitch) in today’s 1.02 update, which initially brought a horrifying bug into the Dark Zone which prompted agents to go rogue like it was going out of style. The Division has proven itself to a popular choice for gamers across all consoles, and we fully expect the game to be receiving updates, changes, and support for the foreseeable future.

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Tom Clancy’s The Division is currently available for PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4.

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