The Division Time-Lapse Video Shows Dynamic Weather Engine

The Division Time-Lapse Video Shows Dynamic Weather Engine

The Division Time-Lapse Video Shows Dynamic Weather Engine

by February 2, 2016

The Division has a great weather engine powering its wintry New York City setting, and one fan has recorded a beautiful in-game time-lapse so everyone can see it.

The Division has been under the spotlight since the extended closed beta, where players got several days to prove their worth on a virus-stricken New York. The snowy streets that comprise most of The Division are lined with veritable mountains of garbage, abandoned cars, and a distinct feel of a city that lost control as the bodies started to drop.

The result is a truly breathtaking setting, and one fan with the internet pseudonym of Wolfboy decided to create a timelapse video to emphasize the beauty of the city for those who actually stop to take it all in. The video also reminds players what first caught gamers’ eyes with The Division: the graphics.

It’s a pretty gorgeous view for a nondescript street, and now that we’ve really soaked it all in we can’t wait to explore more of the city that wasn’t available in the beta – though making a time-lapse in the darkzone might prove somewhat difficult.

Check out the video below for a minute of New York-based serenity:

Condensed down to a 54 second time-lapse, the video does a great job demonstrating how dynamic the weather system truly is for The Division. As the player’s agent stands idle for an entire in-game day, fans can witness the weather changing as the occasional pedestrian shambles by. Minute details that may typically go unnoticed – like steam from a pipe or a coffee cup being carried away by the wind – all combine to make an impressive visual backdrop for the game.

The weather system hasn’t caught much attention from fans so far in The Division, but those with sharp eyes can even catch the water on the streets freeze as the weather gets colder around 39 seconds into the timelapse. Between that intricate detail, the fog coming and going, and snow billowing through in bursts, it’s clear that Ubisoft has spent quite some time fine tuning the details in the massive recreation of New York City.

The Tony Anderson music also adds a nice touch to Wolfboy’s video, and one can’t help but feel the sense of scale The Division will bring to the table will be of epic proportions – even if the game doesn’t include areas like Brooklyn at launch.

What did you think of the beta for The Division, Ranters? Do you plan on picking up the title when it comes out, or trying it in the potential open beta later this February?

The Division is scheduled to drop on March 8th, 2016, for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.