The Division Player Creates Interactive Dark Zone Map

The Division Player Creates Interactive Dark Zone Map

The Division Player Creates Interactive Dark Zone Map

by March 23, 2016

One helpful player introduces a new interactive map for The Division, detailing every locale, enemy boss, and entrance to the game’s PvP and reward-rich Dark Zone.

Anyone who has spent time playing The Division knows that it’s more than a simple cover shooter game, and that half the battle in the Dark Zone is quickly finding what one is looking for. One gamer has taken it upon themselves to make this task easier for others by creating an interactive map of the Dark Zone.

The Dark Zone map is set up to be fully interactive, allowing users to select any objects, areas, or enemies that they’re interested in seeing on the map, as well as zooming in for more precise detail. This should make the process of finding specific areas much easier for Agents, and it may make it easier to either avoid or find Dark Zone bosses depending on whether a player wants to take that risk. Although said bosses provide great rewards upon defeat, stumbling into their lair unintentionally is generally an unwanted experience, so this map can be helpful to both types of players.

In addition, the map provides a way to create a path which can then be shared with other players of The Division. This means that Agents can plan ahead on what route they want to take in order to make the most of their time in the Dark Zone, as well as creating a plan to follow if Agents find themselves split up from their group. Gamers should now be able to create new fruitful paths to follow in the Dark Zone, like the one previously used by a Redditor to quickly rank up in the Dark Zone.

dark zone interactive map filters

This is the latest in interactive maps for The Division created by gamers, which have previously included maps detailing where to find enemies in the Dark Zone, and a map highlighting every collectible in The Division. Although The Division provides a detailed in-game map, fast travel, and navigational guides for the majority of missions, the hidden items and locales within the game can be quite hard to find, considering the size of The Division‘s map. These fan-made interactive maps are particularly useful when gamers have reached their wits’ end with the tools available in-game.

Considering the myriad of easter eggs hidden in The Division and the large number of collectibles and unique weapons that Agents can acquire, there’s plenty to discover in the game. Although it’s an impressive feat to reach the level cap in just fifteen hours, it’s even more admirable that other gamers have taken it upon themselves to create tools like these to help their fellow Agents out.

The Division is out now for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

Source: The Division Agent