The Division Memorializes Elite Boss Bullet King After Patch

The Division Memorializes Elite Boss Bullet King After Patch

The Division Memorializes Elite Boss Bullet King After Patch

by March 22, 2016

The Division twitter page posts a short memorial and regal picture of notorious loot cave boss, Bullet King, signifying the end of the popular glitch with update 1.02 going live.

Many gamers have enjoyed comparing The Division to Destiny prior to release thanks to a gameplay loop that revolves around creating and improving a character through loot based drops, and the fact that both games are a combination of being a hybrid shooter and RPG. Many folks however probably didn’t expect to see that both games to be linked by a subtle but popular gameplay glitch known as a loot cave however.

While The Division was under going server maintenance earlier this morning, the official Division Twitter account posted a short blurb and a very regal portrait of the infamous Bullet King elite boss character complete with crown, sword, and kingly pose. The picture is intended to be somewhat tongue in cheek due to the fact that prior to update 1.02, players were utilizing an unintended glitch which essentially turned Bullet King into a walking, talking loot cave.

Since Bullet King and his Rikers crew were relatively close to the Autumn’s Hope safehouse in Times Square, level 30 players would fast travel there, kill him to grab the drop, and then let themselves be killed to repeat this process over and over. Players were not only getting superior drops, but it was also an easy way to farm the rare currency, Phoenix Credits. As of the most recent update, elite mobs will no longer respawn after having been killed in the game world, letting Bullet King finally rest in peace.

While many players enjoyed using this little technique for easy access to better gear and drops, not everyone was thrilled with it being there in the first place. Social media and websites such as Reddit were popular avenues for Division players to vent their frustrations over the glitch, while one fan asked Ubisoft directly to fix the problem.

This situation is very similar to the issues brought up in Destiny once the first loot cave was discovered. Bungie eventually patched it out, claiming to have known about it prior to launch but assumed players would realize that it wasn’t an efficient way to earn engrams. In actuality, many players found that shooting low level enemies constantly spawning from a cave yielded a good amount of gear, especially from a game that some view as being somewhat stingy with its good loot.

Were you able to utilize this loot cave before it was patched out of existence? Would you have rather Ubisoft left the glitch alone, or do you believe patching this issue was in the game’s best interest in the long run? Let us know your experiences with it below in the comments.

Tom Clancy’s The Division is available now for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC.

Source: The Division Twitter