The Division: How to Calculate Your DPS With Any Weapon

The Division: How to Calculate Your DPS With Any Weapon

The Division: How to Calculate Your DPS With Any Weapon

by March 19, 2016

Using the helpful site DivisionDPS players can input a wide variety of parameters and more accurately calculate their DPS with any weapon in Tom Clancy’s The Division.

Like any good looter shooter, Tom Clancy’s The Division is all about the numbers. Numbers flying off enemies, numbers on stat screens, and numbers on gear. However, not all of those numbers are completely accurate, especially the DPS stats in the game.

While The Division takes a number of weapon stats into account to calculate DPS, not all of those stats accurately reflect the damage a player will be doing. For example, a long range scope may give an assault rifle extra damage, but if the player is constantly in close quarters fights and never uses that scope, then their actual DPS and damage will differ.

To help players better and more accurately calculate their DPS, a new Division-themed site has appeared. The site, dubbed DivisionDPS, features a number of different categories for players to fill in, and once done the site should spit out three numbers: Actual Accuracy DPS, Actual Likely HS DPS, and Burst DPS.

Most will be quick to point out the ‘Likely’ qualifier in the mix, and for good reason. Since The Division can’t possible predict how many headshots a player will land, the game simply assumes a certain percentage of shots. However, with this site, players can input what they think is their likely headshot percentage. So if they feel more (or less) confident in their ability, the DPS calculator will take that into account.

Even then, the DPS calculator is likely to get some things wrong, because every gun is different and every player is different. However, when it comes to choosing what gun might be useful and what attachments to include, this resource might be better than the one offered in-game.

Division DPS Calculator

For example, some guns may be better suited for attachments that boost stability, but the accuracy stat is what typically raises a player’s overall DPS. Again, it comes down to how a person plays and whether or not they want a tighter bloom of bullets or more stability for the muzzle climb.

As players learn more and more about The Division, resources like DivisionDPS are sure to become essential for picking the best gear. Depending on where players are at, progression wise, they could either still be trying to hit the level cap of 30, grinding for high-end gear in the Dark Zone, or finessing their player builds to suit their play style. Eventually, though, most devoted players will be at the same place, where calculating even the slightest increase in DPS will be important.

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What is your current DPS in The Division? Do you feel like you actually reach that stat or are the in-game numbers not as accurate?

Tom Clancy’s The Division is out now for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.