The Division Guide: The Best Player Build for Snipers

The Division Guide: The Best Player Build for Snipers

The Division Guide: The Best Player Build for Snipers

by March 22, 2016

YouTuber Arekkz offers some key advice for players of The Division looking to create a sniper build with maximum damage output for themselves and teammates.

The Division has been out for a couple weeks now, and just received its first major patch, but that doesn’t mean that Agents don’t have room to improve their loadouts. YouTuber Arekkz is at it again, and has released an advised build for those who want to hold back and snipe enemies from a distance.

According to Arekkz’s latest video, being a good sniper also means being somewhat of a glass cannon. Although his suggested build can yield amazing results in dealing enemy damage, it also makes the sniper in question fairly weak in taking damage, so it’s not a recommended load out for solo players of The Division.

Although The Division players could put some points into Stamina in order to make their Agent a bit stronger, Arekkz suggests that gamers instead focus on firearms and electronics instead. Firearms raises an Agent’s DPS, which should be the primary focus of anyone interested in creating a sniper character. However, putting points into electronics means that skills are more powerful, which is of absolute importance in making the most of his suggested sniper build.

For the first skill, he recommends that Agents use Pulse with the Tactical Scanner mod, in order to highlight enemies at a distance and increase the likelihood of critical hits and the damage dealt by critical hits. The second skill should be set to Smart Cover with the Trapper mod. Arekkz notes that these two skills combined will allow the player to maximize their damage output, while lowering the damage they and their teammates take, which should partially help to negate the glass cannon effect of this build.

As the final skill-based damage boost, Arekkz recommends using Tactical Link as the signature skill, which boosts the damage dealt by the user and their teammates, as well as increasing the odds of a critical hit.

For talents, Arekkz suggests:

  • One is None, which has a 50/50 chance of not consuming a bullet during a headshot.
  • Tech Support, which lengthens the duration of any skill if said skill is used to kill an opponent.
  • Stopping Power, which increases headshot power by 25% for 10 seconds if the target is supressed
  • Tactical Advance, which increases the damage dealt by the player after moving from cover to cover, by 2% per meter traveled for 10 seconds.

Tactical Advance and Smart Cover can be used in tandem to increase the damage dealt even further. Arrekz suggests firing Smart Cover at the next cover the player wants to move to, then using cover to cover, which will allow for some massive damage dealing for ten seconds after the player gets to the new cover.

Finally, Arekkz recommends using a bolt-action sniper rifle. While the longer reload times can make things a little tougher, the damage output is higher and the above skills and talents will help to reduce the time spent reloading. He also suggests carrying an assault rifle with burst fire so that players can still hit long-range targets if they run out of primary ammo.

Part of the joy of playing The Division is that there’s a wide range of unique weapons for the player to choose from, and a nearly endless list of mods to customize them to their liking. While players can choose to customize their character however they see fit, this list of the best talents, skills, and weapons should give the damage dealt by snipers and their teams a massive boost.

The Division is out now for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

Source: Arekkz Gaming