Street Fighter 5 Adds Karin to Fighter Roster

Street Fighter 5 Adds Karin to Fighter Roster

Street Fighter 5 Adds Karin to Fighter Roster

by September 17, 2015

As the March 2016 release date for Street Fighter 5 draws closer, Capcom has been ramping up their social media presence, revealing a number of new and old characters who will be present on the next iteration of Street Fighter‘s character roster. Only a week ago, a new character named Rashid was revealed at the Games15 event in Dubai, adding even more ethnic diversity to the game’s already international cast. Just before that, fan-favorite grappler R. Mika joined the roster, ready to powerbomb her way into fighting fans’ hearts once more.

With the game’s release only six months away, it makes sense that Capcom has begun to release more news about the roster composition at a much faster clip. While Capcom has primarily focused on new characters or series stalwarts, that’s changing with their most recent fighter showcase, as Capcom is dialing up a blast from the past whose time away from Street Fighter spans almost two decades.

Capcom confirmed at the Tokyo Game Show 2015 that Karin Kanzuki has joined the roster of playable characters in Street Fighter 5, alongside other more recognizable Street Fighter veterans like Vega. Karin last appeared in Street Fighter Alpha 3, which was released in 1998, and has since only appeared in crossover titles like Capcom Fighting Evolution. Karin joins other Street Fighter Alpha 3 veterans Birdie and R. Mika, lending some more credence to a fan theory that Street Fighter 5 is a sequel to Alpha 3.

In terms of gameplay, however, the trailer that accompanied Karin’s reveal seems to indicate that she will be nothing like Birdie when it comes to fighting. Karin appears to have a quick dash much like Rashid, as well as a back step move that looks like it will give opposing players nightmares trying to choose the right blocks. Also present is Karin’s renowned disdain of the middle-class as well as her haughty, condescending laugh, both of which are on full display over the course of the trailer.

Perhaps the most interesting thing about Karin’s reveal, though, is that it might hint towards another character that will be joining the roster soon. Karin is known for her rivalry with Sakura, who was most recently featured in Super Street Fighter 4 and has heavy ties to series icon Ryu. Given that R. Mika, who Karin’s family sponsors as a wrestler after the events of Alpha 3, is already present, it only makes sense to include Karin’s old enemy as well.

In addition to Karin’s character reveal, Capcom also announced the Capcom Fighters Network (CFN), a community that will be built into Street Fighter 5 at the time of its simultaneous global release. CFN will allow players to compare stats, replay videos, and send battle invitations to others on the network, which will hopefully be much more stable now that Capcom has learned from the rocky Street Fighter 5 beta launch a few months ago.

Are you excited so many older, forgotten characters are getting their chance to shine again? Which character addition would make the Street Fighter 5 roster perfect? Let us know in the comments.

Street Fighter 5 releases for PS4 and PC in March 2016.

Source: VG24/7