Star Wars Battlefront Adding New Mode Featuring Jabba the Hutt

Star Wars Battlefront Adding New Mode Featuring Jabba the Hutt

Star Wars Battlefront Adding New Mode Featuring Jabba the Hutt

by March 9, 2016

Electronic Arts releases a new trailer for Star Wars Battlefront that details content coming in the game’s free updates, including a new mode starring Jabba the Hutt.

Those still playing Star Wars Battlefront have been enjoying a steady stream of free content updates since the game’s release last November. EA has now started teasing what future free updates for Star Wars Battlefront will entail, with a trailer that features Tatooine’s most dangerous crime boss.

Jabba the Hutt will be added to Star Wars Battlefront at an unspecified point in the future. Jabba’s role in the game will be to provide the aptly named Hutt Contracts. EA has yet to expand on what these are exactly, but one can guess that Hutt Contracts will be similar to bounties in other FPS games.

Besides the Hutt Contracts, Star Wars Battlefront fans can look forward to even more free content coming to the game. This content will include new maps, new weapons, and more co-op missions. It’s unclear if all this content is coming at once in a single update, or if it will be spread out throughout the rest of the year.

See some of the free content on the way for Star Wars Battlefront in the teaser trailer below:

Providing free content updates is a great way for developers and publishers to keep games relevant long after their release date. However, while the free content outlined in the trailer should go a long way in pleasing Star Wars Battlefront enthusiasts that are still playing the game regularly, those that have moved on to other titles will probably need more significant content to convince them to jump back into the game.

That more significant content is coming through the game’s paid expansions, the first of which is the Outer Rim DLC. It will be adding a lot more to Star Wars Battlefront than the free content updates, including new playable Hero and Villain characters, which should shake things up quite a bit.

In any case, it’s nice to see publishers continue to support games long after launch with free content updates. Star Wars Battlefront‘s free content updates come every month, and while the updates are not always substantial, they do give added value to the game nevertheless.

What would you like to see added to Star Wars Battlefront? Are the Hutt Contracts enough to convince you to start playing the game again? What would you like to see in terms of paid DLC? Leave us your thoughts on Star Wars Battlefront and its post-launch support in the comments below.

Star Wars Battlefront is currently available for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

Source: Games Radar