Pokemon Has Sold Over 200 Million Copies

Pokemon Has Sold Over 200 Million Copies

Pokemon Has Sold Over 200 Million Copies

by March 17, 2016

The Pokemon Company releases new information about the success of Nintendo’s second largest franchise, showing incredible sales from the main series alone.

We’ve always know that Pokemon is a hugely successful franchise, but now, with a recent update from The Pokemon Company, we can see exactly how well Nintendo’s second largest franchise has done in sales.

According to newly-released figures, sales of main series Pokemon games have surpassed 200 million units worldwide. This figure includes all sales made since the series began in 1996 with the original games, through to February of 2016. It does not take into account the sales of spin-off series like Friday’s Western release of Pokken Tournament, however if it did, the series has sold over 297 million units. That is up from 277 million units that were sold as of September 2015, according to The Pokemon Company’s website.

Though new releases such as the upcoming Pokemon Sun and Moon are sure to be a success, no Pokemon game is yet to sell as well as the original Red and Blue/Green. This is likely due, in part, to Nintendo’s focus on the original games even today. With the release of the original games on the eShop, as well as remastering the titles in Leaf Green and Fire Red, the big N clearly understands and responds to the fans’ nostalgia factor. Because, while many of us are older fans now, we’re still just as excited for new releases when it comes to the Pokemon franchise.

Pokemon Red Blue Yellow 3DS Version

The Pokemon Company site also shows the success of the still-running Pokemon trading card series, which has reportedly shipped over 21.5 billion cards worldwide in 74 different countries and regions. With many people still collecting the cards today, Nintendo is hoping to attract some of the older fans back to the card game by re-releasing the original cards in special reprint packs. The company has also made the experience virtual, releasing the trading card game on PC and iPad.

The 18 Pokemon movies released so far have also been a huge success for The Pokemon Company, grossing ¥76.72 billion ($689 million) in sales. The 19th movie, Volcanion and the Ingenious Magearna, is set to release later this year and will feature the two previously unseen creatures named in the title. Volcanion is making Pokemon history as the first and only creature so far to have a fire/water typing.

With 2016 including a lot of strong Pokemon-themed releases, we’re sure to see an increase in sales by the time The Pokemon Company releases the next update to these statistics. Which Pokemon titles are you most looking forward to? Leave us a comment and let us know.