PlayStation VR Launch Bundle Now Available for Pre-Order

PlayStation VR Launch Bundle Now Available for Pre-Order

PlayStation VR Launch Bundle Now Available for Pre-Order

by March 23, 2016

Even though the PlayStarion VR hit a delay till the end of October, with release date finally secured, pre-order has begun in earnest starting Wednesday March 22. As early as Wednesday morning, Sony’s PlayStation VR Launch Bundle went up for pre-order sales at major participating retailers.

There will be two specific pre-order dates during the Spring “first wave” pre-order sales events:

  1. March 22 for PlayStation VR Launch Bundle with a $499.99 list price
  2. March 29 for PlayStation VR core with a $399.99 list price

Reception during the first pre-order phase appears to be positive given two major retailers are out of stock for their allocation of the PlayStation VR. As of writing, both Amazon and Walmart list the product as “Unavailable” – and Amazon has specifically noted it as being a popular device in high demand (with limited availability).

Here are the list of retailers with PS VR still available:

PlayStation VR Pre-Order Retailers

  • $499.99: GameStop
    Free shipping or store pickup
  • $499.99: Best Buy
    Free shipping or store pickup
  • $499.99: Amazon
    Currently out of stock
  • $499.00: Walmart
    Currently out of stock

If we spot more retailers, we’ll add to them above as we near the second pre-order event for the PlayStation VR core.

Differences Between Launch Bundle vs Core?

Wondering what the differences are between the PlayStation VR Launch Bundle and the PlayStation VR core, beyond the $100 price tag?

Essentially the PS VR core comes with the VR headset, VR cables, stereo headphones, and a VR Demo Disc. Stepping up to the $100 Launch Bundle will net you additionally the PlayStation Camera along with two PlayStation Move motion controllers. Finally, instead of a demo disc, you’ll receive the full version of PlayStation VR Worlds.

Is the Launch Bundle a Good Value?

If you have a PlayStation Camera or a PlayStation Move, you can easily skip the Launch Bundle and avoid paying twice… but for those without the accessory hardware, here’s a value breakdown:

  • Lowest price of PlayStation Camera: $24.99 from Toys R Us back in January
  • Lowest price of a PlayStation Move controller: $28.99 each at Amazon
  • PlayStation VR Worlds: ~$39.99
  • Total price if bought separately: $122.99

At the price points above, you’ll be hard press to compete against the bundled discount price in the PlayStation Launch Bundle. Even at the previous accessories historic low prices, you won’t beat the $100 premium from stepping up to the Launch Bundle vs. buying just the VR core.

PlayStation VR releases October 31, 2016. Sony has previously promised that up to 50 VR titles will be available at launch. After the “first wave” of pre-order rounds, another round will be made available sometime this Summer.