PlayStation VR Bundle Pre-Orders Start March 22

PlayStation VR Bundle Pre-Orders Start March 22

PlayStation VR Bundle Pre-Orders Start March 22

by March 18, 2016

Sony is launching pre-orders for the PlayStation VR bundle on Tuesday, March 22, including the PlayStation VR headset, camera, and Move controllers for $499.99.

The first pre-orders for the Oculus Rift start shipping out on March 28, with the HTC Vive following shortly thereafter and launching on April 5. PC virtual reality is here and the hype is real. Console virtual reality may require a bit longer of a wait, with PlayStation VR tentatively planned for launch in October, but that doesn’t mean Sony will willingly let this tidal wave of energy pass them by. Today Sony revealed plans to open up pre-orders of the PlayStation VR launch bundle, available starting March 22.

Today’s pre-order plans come just days after Sony announced the pricing and release window for PlayStation VR. The $399 price tag was met with excitement, which is understandable considering the $599 Rift and $799 Vive (not to mention the $1000+ PC requirement). Yet that initial surprise wore off rather quickly when news broke that the $399 price was for the headset alone, and that the required camera and likely important motion controllers were not included.

Thus, introducing the PlayStation VR bundle. For an additional $100, a total of $499, PlayStation 4 owners will get the PlayStation VR headset, the PlayStation Camera, two PlayStation Move controllers, and a copy of PlayStation VR Worlds (a first-party collection of small VR games). This is the bundle that PlayStation 4 owners will want in order to get the full PlayStation VR experience, which is likely why Sony is announcing pre-orders for it prior to pre-orders for the standalone headset.

While the greater reaction to Sony’s PlayStation VR plans has been positive, there have certainly been some mixed reactions too. With the bundle’s pricing proving to be $100 more than the initially revealed price for PlayStation VR, some consumers feel a bit misled. $500 is not a small amount of money, and is ultimately only $100 cheaper than the Oculus Rift. With Sony saying they’re not taking a loss on the PS VR pricing, however, the pricing is not a surprise. Sony’s minimizing their risk on what could be a very risky early investment into VR.

There’s also a crowd which is frustrated that Sony has yet to officially announce pre-orders for the standalone headset. These are PlayStation 4 gamers who invested in the PlayStation Camera and PlayStation Move controllers already, faithful PlayStation followers, so Sony disregarding them for now is disheartening to some. It could also imply that Sony is only planning on releasing the bundle initially — no standalone headset at all.

Sony later directly clarified that the standalone headset will not be available for pre-order at all. There’s certain to be a number of disappointed folk who rushed to go out and buy a PlayStation Camera and Move controllers:

“The core PS VR bundle, which has a suggested retail price of $399.99 USD / $549.99 CAD, is not available for pre-order.”

For those amped to pre-order PlayStation VR, pre-orders open at all participating retailers starting at 7:00AM PT on Tuesday, March 22. Practice refreshing your web browser now. And for those who miss out on this first round of pre-orders, don’t stress. Sony will open up another round of bundle pre-orders this summer.