Nintendo Reveals A Brand New Pokemon Called Magiana

Nintendo Reveals A Brand New Pokemon Called Magiana

Nintendo Reveals A Brand New Pokemon Called Magiana

by February 10, 2016

Nintendo announces a brand new Pokemon named Magiana through Japanese gaming magazine CoroCoro, where it’s revealed that the creature is a man-made monster.

As a Pokemon Master, the challenge of catching ’em all seems to be an increasingly frivolous one. With every new iteration of the series comes a gaggle of additional monsters that gamers are then tasked with adding to their Pokedex, and sequentially condemning to life within a PC. With the arrival of the latest Pokemon games, however, trainers have been exposed to a slowly increasing number of event-exclusive legendary Pocket Monsters that can be added to their respective party of six.

So, in order to continue the trend, The Pokemon Company had plans to reveal a brand new Pokemon through CoroCoro, which it seems to have executed on a little prematurely. The newest creature has been given the name Magiana, and appears to have a rather substantial role in an upcoming Pokemon movie alongside another one of the newer creatures, Volcanion. While the role is still unknown for the creature, it seems to be well-natured since Volcanion is trying to rescue it from the clutches of an (presumably) evil organization.

Not much is known about the beast outside of the fact that it is said to be roughly 500 years old, as well as the fact that it has been made by people. The critter seems to be made entirely out of metal material, unlike another man-made Pokemon Mewtwo, but its type is still currently unknown. Just looking at the creature, however, it’s easy to assume that it’s at least a Steel-type – although an secondary type is very likely given the trend for recent Legendary Pokemon.

Fans will be left wondering how to catch the Legendary in the meantime, however, as the creature has never been seen within a video game before. With that in mind, it would appear that The Pokemon Company is preparing to announce a brand new game that incorporates the new monster into the fold, although whether it will be something along the lines of a direct sequel or a Pokemon Z remains to be seen. Thus far Pokken Tournament and the re-release of Red, Blue, and Yellow will have to keep gamers preoccupied during the wait for any sort of grand unveiling.

More details on Magiana should be arriving from Nintendo and The Pokemon Company in the near future, so stay tuned to Game Rant for more details on the newest Pokemon.

What do you think of the newest Pokemon, Magiana? Do you expect to see more monsters revealed in due time? Get at us in the comments.

Source: CoroCoro (via Serebii)