Nintendo Officially Reveals New Pokemon Magearna

Nintendo Officially Reveals New Pokemon Magearna

Nintendo Officially Reveals New Pokemon Magearna

by February 15, 2016

New Mythical Pokemon Magearna gets its official reveal from Nintendo. The company also details the creature’s role in the upcoming 2016 Pokemon movie.

A brand new Mythical Pokemon has been unveiled by Nintendo. On Sunday 14th of February, the company announced that Magearna, the Artificial Pokemon, would become the 722nd Pokemon when it releases, presumably later this year.

According to Nintendo, Magearna has a metallic body and was created by humans 500 years ago. More will be learned about this new Pokémon‘s history during the next movie which is set to release in 2016. The company also released details about the upcoming movie featuring the metallic and mythical creature. In the movie, Pokemon trainer Ash encounters the previously revealed fire/water type Volcanion as it comes crashing down from the sky.

Despite Volcanion’s hatred of humans, a mysterious force binds the two together and the creature is forced to drag Ash along as it continues its rescue mission. The two will arrive together in the city of cogs and gears where a corrupt minister has stolen the ultimate invention: Magearna. Ash and Volcanion must work together to rescue Magearna as one of the greatest battles in Pokemon history begins to unfold.

Last week, Japanese gaming magazine CoroCoro prematurely announced Magearna’s arrival, although there has been a slight name change perhaps due to the translation to English. Unlike previous man-made Pokemon and star of the first movie, Mewtwo, Magearna appears not to be a clone Pokemon but rather a living machine. Whilst it’s type has not yet been announced, the creature’s metallic appearance may suggest that it is at least partly Steel-type.

Pokemon fans who are wondering how to get their hands on this new mythical creature will have to wait a while for details it seems, as The Pokemon Company has not yet revealed how Magearna will be distributed. It’s possible that the Pokemon will be released as part of the 20th anniversary’s monthly Mythical distribution. It’s also possible that the creature will become available in a new game such as the rumored Pokemon Z.

In the meanwhile, the next Pokemon game to be released is March’s Pokken Tournament, a title that is taking a different approach to the franchise and will see various creatures facing off against in each other in a fighting game format rather than the game’s standard turn-based system. The game will be an exciting venture for the franchise and is set to feature alongside major titles at EVO 2016.

Many more details on Magearna will be arriving from Nintendo and The Pokemon Company later this year so be sure to stay tuned.

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