New Warcraft Trailer Shows Off Dwarves, Magic and More

New Warcraft Trailer Shows Off Dwarves, Magic and More

New Warcraft Trailer Shows Off Dwarves, Magic and More

by March 18, 2016

The latest trailer for the hotly anticipated big screen debut of Warcraft showcases some intense action — and a few faces that will be familiar to fans of the series.

Blizzard Entertainment and Legendary Pictures have released a new trailer for this summer’s big-screen adaptation of the hugely popular Warcraft franchise. The latest spot once again centers around the conflict between Orcs and Humans depicted in the days when the series still inhabited the RTS genre.

Set to be released internationally as Warcraft: The Beginning, it’s no secret that all involved entities are looking for this movie to spark a major film franchise. Given that it’s been in development for more than a decade, there’s a clear impetus for this adaptation to be done the right way.

Travis Fimmel stars as Sir Anduin Lothar, a knight who puts the Alliance above all else. He’s called upon to defend his home when the Human-Orc conflict starts to flare up — a task that’s complicated by the presence of Paula Patton as Garona, who believes that she’s a hybrid between the two races.

What begins as a battle between man and monster looks set to become a bit more complicated, although promotional materials are focussing on spectacle rather than plot. Fans of the series’ lore will certainly be watching with great interest to see how deep the film digs.

In a somewhat unusual move for a movie adaptation of a video game, Warcraft seems to be sticking very close to its source. Director Duncan Jones is a huge fan, and the fact that Blizzard scribe Chris Metzen penned its story treatment should instil devotees with a lot of confidence that this project will deliver.

Indeed, Blizzard has to be hoping that the movie might jumpstart the flagging player base of World of Warcraft. While the title was once the go-to MMO on the scene, in recent years there’s been a continual decline in the face of strong competition and the game’s age.

Of course, that’s not to say that the franchise as a whole is dead or dying. Card game spin-off Hearthstone continues to garner a healthy audience, and fans would no doubt turn out in droves if a new RTS instalment were to be announced — as unlikely as that seems at this point.

The Warcraft movie could potentially be the best video game adaptation that we’ve seen to date — there’s certainly a lot of love being poured into this project. With just a few months left until its release, are you planning to see it in cinemas on opening weekend? Let us know in the comments section below.

Warcraft is scheduled to hit theaters on June 10, 2016.