New Pokemon Themed Nintendo Direct Announced

New Pokemon Themed Nintendo Direct Announced

New Pokemon Themed Nintendo Direct Announced

by February 24, 2016

Nintendo announces a special and mysterious Pokemon-themed Nintendo Direct, promising big news, that will take place this Friday, February 26th, at 7:00am Pacific time.

It’s hard to believe, but Nintendo’s charming little pocket monsters are celebrating their 20th anniversary this year. While there are a couple of previously-announced Pokemon game releases announced for 2016 already, Nintendo has so far been coy about how the company will be recognizing the franchise’s 20th birthday. That looks to change on February 26th, when the company will hold a special Pokemon Nintendo Direct.

Beginning this Friday at 7:00am Pacific/10:00am Eastern, Nintendo is promising “big Pokemon news” during this Nintendo Direct presentation. What this news entails is anyone’s guess, but Pokemon enthusiasts luckily won’t have to wait long to find out.

The most obvious assumption is that a new Pokemon game will be announced, for either the Nintendo 3DS or Wii U. Perhaps Nintendo will finally announce a traditional Pokemon game for a home console, or maybe a Pokemon Emerald remake will be on deck for the 3DS. Nintendo could also announce the previously rumored Pokemon Z game.

Another possibility is that Nintendo has an announcement related to the upcoming Pokemon fighting game Pokken Tournament. The company may have a new game mode to announce for the game, or a even surprise fighter reveal planned. We already know that Pokken Tournament won’t have DLC characters, so if Nintendo did reveal a new character for the game ahead of its launch next month, it’s safe to say it would be included on the disc on day one.

Besides Pokken Tournament, Nintendo also has the original Pokemon games releasing on the 3DS Virtual Console this weekend. With Pokemon BlueRed, and Yellow all set to make their debut on new-gen hardware this coming Saturday, February 27th, Nintendo may be planning to utilize the Nintendo Direct presentation to shine a spotlight on those titles.

Of course, all of this is just speculation at this point, as Nintendo could have virtually anything in store for Pokemon fans in the upcoming Nintendo Direct, including more information on the quirky Detective Pikachu game. Whatever ends up being showcased, let’s just hope that Nintendo uses the Direct to celebrate the franchise’s 20-year existence properly, while surprising and delighting the dedicated Pokemon fans out there.

What do you think Nintendo has planned for the upcoming Pokemon Nintendo Direct? Do you think a new game will be revealed, or will the company announce content for previously announced titles? Will you be tuning in to the presentation when it takes place this coming Friday morning? Leave us your thoughts on Pokemon in the comments below.

The Pokemon-themed Nintendo Direct will take place on Friday, February 26th, at 7:00am Pacific/10:00am Eastern on Nintendo’s official website.

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