New Nintendo 3DS XL Looks Like a Super Famicom Console

New Nintendo 3DS XL Looks Like a Super Famicom Console

New Nintendo 3DS XL Looks Like a Super Famicom Console

by March 4, 2016

The latest Japanese Nintendo Direct broadcast reveals a new, Japan-exclusive Nintendo 3DS XL model that’s aesthetically based on the classic Super Famicom console.

After Nintendo announced that their recent Nintendo Direct broadcast was going to focus on the Wii U and 3DS, many were speculating exactly what the publisher had in store. Following confirmation that Monster Hunter Generations will head to the 3DS in the west, Nintendo reveal some more 3DS news that’s bound to delight long-time Nintendo fans.

Japan will be getting a new Nintendo 3DS XL model that’s based on Nintendo’s own classic Super Famicom console – that’s the Super Nintendo for those in the West. This new 3DS comes with the Famicom’s trademark monochrome color scheme, complete with the blue, red, yellow, and green face buttons from the Famicom’s controller. To top this new model off, the 3DS comes with that familiar-looking “Nintendo Super Famicom” logo on the back, as well as the usual 3DS accessories and power supply.

While the launch date of this Super Famicom influenced 3DS has still yet to be announced, it appears that the handheld is exclusive to Japan only, and will retail for 20,000 yen when it is released. Given that the new Nintendo 3DS XL model was released only a year ago, there may not be much reason to upgrade just yet, unless gamers really want that Super Famicom look.

For those who do want to upgrade their Nintendo handheld, the new 3DS XL model is still a solid console despite being one year old, and the Super Famicom edition isn’t the only choice available. In celebration of Pokemon‘s 20th anniversary, Nintendo recently announced a special version of the 3DS XL that pays homage to the classic Pokemon Red and Blue games.

Despite announcing these new, refurbished 3DS models, there may be a reason why Nintendo has opted to only change the 3DS’ aesthetics, while keeping everything under the hood relatively the same. There have been countless rumors about the upcoming Nintendo NX, but if certain reports are to be believed, then perhaps Nintendo are diverting more resources towards a portable Nintendo NX handheld.

Of course, this is just speculation, and it makes no financial sense for Nintendo to put all their chips on a hypothetical Nintendo NX handheld just yet, especially since the 3DS is still selling quite well. With highly-anticipated Pokemon Sun and Moon launching for the 3DS later this year, it appears that Nintendo will continue supporting the handheld for a while yet.

There launch date for Nintendo’s Super Famicom-based 3DS XL has not been announced yet, but we’ll keep you posted on any upcoming news.

Source: IGN