Monster Hunter Generations is Coming to 3DS in the West

Monster Hunter Generations is Coming to 3DS in the West

Monster Hunter Generations is Coming to 3DS in the West

by March 4, 2016

Nintendo confirms that Monster Hunter X is going to be making its way West this summer under a brand new title, and will now be known as Monster Hunter Generations.

When Monster Hunter X was released at the end of last year in Japan, many fans of the Capcom franchise were left wondering whether the title would also be released in other parts of the world. Now, Western audiences can rest easy. Nintendo has revealed that Monster Hunter X will indeed see a release in the West – although the title’s name will be changed to Monster Hunter Generations.

The publisher confirmed the news during its recent Nintendo Direct broadcast, alongside some further information on upcoming Wii U and 3DS games. What’s more, in seems as though Monster Hunter fans are unlikely to have long to wait before getting their hands on the highly anticipated title. According to Nintendo, Monster Hunter Generations is going to be released for the 3DS this summer.

Previous fans of the Monster Hunter series hardly need a reason to pick up the game when it does see release, but it appears as though Capcom and Nintendo have given them one. The Nintendo Direct broadcast also revealed that players who have a save file from Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate will be able to unlock additional bonus content in Monster Hunter Generations. What this content will be remains to be seen, but more information will no doubt be released in advance of the game’s launch.

Nintendo also confirmed some news about Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate. The 3DS title has been put on sale for $19.99 from the 3DS eShop, and will be available at this price until 3:00pm Pacific Time on March 5. Any gamers interested in Monster Hunter Generations, or the Monster Hunter series in general, could use this deal as a way to get a feel for the franchise, as well as having the added bonus on unlocking additional content if Monster Hunter Generations is then purchased.

The release of Monster Hunter Generations was far from the only news revealed by Nintendo during its Nintendo Direct broadcast, however. The publisher also confirmed that a brand new Paper Mario game is going to be released for the Wii U. Paper Mario: Color Splash will launch this year for the console, and tasks Mario with returning color to a new location known as Prism Island.

Although the quality of Monster Hunter Generations is no certainty, fans of the franchise may be expecting big things from the title based on its Japanese release. Monster Hunter X received strong reviews upon its launch last November, and even managed to sell 3 million copies before the end of the year. Capcom and Nintendo will no doubt be hoping that success transfers over into international markets.

Monster Hunter Generations will be released this summer for 3DS.

Source: IGN