Kojima Says He’s ‘Back in the Field’ in Latest Tweet

Kojima Says He’s ‘Back in the Field’ in Latest Tweet

Kojima Says He’s ‘Back in the Field’ in Latest Tweet

by March 23, 2016

Photos of Hideo Kojima on Twitter show the developer researching what appears to be the motion capture technology of some of Sony’s Los Angeles studios.

Hideo Kojima and PlayStation 4 architect Mark Cerny traveled around the world a couple of months back in search of high-end technology, presumably to be used in game development. Well, Kojima is back at it again, this time visiting various Sony-owned motion capture studios.

Kojima reunited with Cerny at these studios, and even though he tweeted a picture of himself and Cerny claiming to be in a “secret location,” his other tweets paint a bigger picture. On Sunday, Kojima tweeted a picture of himself in what appears to be Los Angeles, and considering the PlayStation-themed posters that abound in the motion capture tweets, one has to assume that Kojima is visiting Sony’s studios in LA.

It makes sense for Kojima to be mingling with Sony as he works on his new game. After all, Kojima’s new game will be console exclusive to PS4, and his relationship with the company has been strong since the PS1 days. Moreover, it’s possible that Sony is sharing some of its motion capture technology to aid in the development of the mysterious game he is developing at Kojima Productions in Japan.

Of course, Sony also has studios in Japan, so why would Kojima travel to Los Angeles just to check out motion capture technology? Well, Kojima Productions used to have an LA branch, and it also seems like his return to the United States is part of his desire to continue working alongside Mark Cerny. Cerny accompanied Hideo on his globe-trotting quest to seek out technology a couple of months back, and one has to wonder if Cerny is actively involved with the development of Kojima’s new title.

Regardless of whether or not Cerny himself is involved, Kojima does seem to be working closely with Sony when it comes to working on his new game. However, until either party divulges more details about the project, all we can do is speculate based on what Kojima decides to share with the public. And when one considers Kojima’s tendency to trick people, it’s hard to take what information he shares at face value.

In any case, it’s good to see Kojima back in the field and working on his next game. After the ugly Konami break-up, Kojima looks like he is getting a fresh start in the industry, and his fans should be excited to see what he cooks up next. Here’s hoping that we find out more about Kojima’s mysterious game within the next couple of years or so, so we can see for ourselves how exactly Kojima’s visits to Sony’s motion capture studios influenced the project.

The first non-Konami game from Kojima Productions is currently in development for PC and PlayStation 4.

Source: Games Radar