How Well Does Quantum Break Run on Xbox One?

How Well Does Quantum Break Run on Xbox One?

How Well Does Quantum Break Run on Xbox One?

by March 20, 2016

Digital Foundry checks the technical performance of Quantum Break on Xbox One, indicating that the game typically runs at 720p resolution on the system.

With Quantum Break now set to be available on two platforms at once (as opposed to its previous status as an Xbox One exclusive title) those interested in the game are curious as to which version they should purchase. While the jury is still out on how well Quantum Break runs on PC, a new report by Digital Foundry offers an idea of how well the game looks and runs when playing it on an Xbox One.

The Digital Foundry report indicates that, overall, Quantum Break has impressive visuals and is “well-optimized around Xbox One hardware.” The visual effects in the game are praised in Digital Foundry’s analysis, and the overall sentiment is that those that performed the tests came away impressed with the technology on display in Quantum Break.

However, with Quantum Break featuring a Hollywood cast, Remedy Entertainment understandably wanted to produce character models that resemble their real-world counterparts. Such a feat is highly taxing on any gaming system, and Digital Foundry points to this effort by Remedy as requiring visual compromises. The comprise that will likely catch the attention of most gamers is that Quantum Break reportedly runs at 720p, as opposed to the 1080p resolution that Remedy previously discussed.

Until Digital Foundry is able to get its hands on the PC version of Quantum Break, we won’t be able to know for sure if the game runs better on that platform compared to the Xbox One. Usually it would be a safe bet that Quantum Break would run better on PC than a home console, but with recent controversies like the Batman: Arkham Knight PC disaster, we simply won’t know for certain until someone has spent extensive time with the PC version.

Having said that, anyone that wants to play Quantum Break on Xbox One shouldn’t have to worry about playing a game that is vastly inferior to its PC counterpart. As pointed out by Digital Foundry, Quantum Break on Xbox One still boasts the impressive graphics seen in its trailers and gameplay videos, and as far as we know, content will be the same between the two versions of the game. It’s not like the PC version of Quantum Break will receive more than the 40 variations of the companion TV show promised for the Xbox version, for example.

While the 720p resolution will likely disappoint some, it shouldn’t have a major impact on how people enjoy Quantum Break overall. Digital Foundry seems like it’s impressed with the work that Remedy Entertainment has been able to achieve with the game on Xbox One, and considering the fact that Quantum Break has been in development for over five years, it’s good to see that all of Remedy’s hard work seems to be paying off.

Quantum Break will be available on April 5th for PC and Xbox One.

Source: VG 24/7