Gears of War 4: Meet New Characters Oscar and Reyna

Gears of War 4: Meet New Characters Oscar and Reyna

Gears of War 4: Meet New Characters Oscar and Reyna

by March 21, 2016

Game Informer’s continuing coverage offers a closer look at the characters of Gears of War 4, including Kait Diaz’s uncle Oscar, and her mother Reyna.

Earlier this month, The Coalition revealed the main characters of Gears of War 4 to the world, and have now pulled the curtain back on two more characters that will be joining JD Fenix, Del Walker, and Kait Diaz in the game’s story. These characters are two that The Coalition has briefly mentioned before: Oscar and Reyna Diaz – Kait’s uncle and mother, respectively.

Oscar Diaz is Reyna’s brother-in-law in Gears of War 4. According to The Coalition, Oscar resents JD and Del for abandoning the COG, but doesn’t appear to harbor the same ill feelings for his niece for joining up with them.

Oscar reportedly loves “wine and women,” and is recruited by the trio to help find villagers that have been kidnapped. Oscar himself winds up kidnapped by an unknown creature, and one has to imagine that at least part of the game will be about trying to rescue him.

The aforementioned kidnapped villagers were snatched away by Swarm creatures, the new enemies in Gears of War 4. The Swarm is also responsible for kidnapping Kait’s mother Reyna early on in the game, despite the fact that she is said to be a capable warrior that leads her own group of “Outsiders” (tribes that live beyond the COG’s walled cities). Whereas Oscar dislikes JD and Del, Reyna actually goes out of her way to protect them after the two abandon their duties with the COG.

Along with the new information on the characters, fresh concept art for all five of them has been released as well:

The Coalition also revealed more information about the other three previously revealed characters. For example, we now know that JD reached the rank of lieutenant before abandoning the COG. We also know that JD has a humorous outlook on life despite the bleak situation his planet is in, and has a generally cheery disposition when compared to his father, Marcus. Speaking of JD’s parents, The Coalition hasn’t revealed what JD’s relationship is like with Marcus, let alone who his mother is. However, considering JD’s blonde hair, it seems like the most obvious candidate for his mother is Anya Stroud.

As for Kait Diaz, she is said to have a “strong connection” with JD. Even though Reyna is apparently fine with JD and Del living in their Outsider village, she takes exception to this bond. The Coalition stopped short of saying that Kait and JD have a romantic relationship, but the language does seem to suggest it.

Gears of War 4: Meet Oscar and Reyna - Kait Diaz cog armor

The Coalition didn’t reveal much more about Del Walker, except that he will trade witty banter with JD throughout the campaign. It’s unknown at this point how far Del made it in the COG military, what other character traits he possesses besides being JD’s best friend, and what other motivations he may have. At any rate, players will have to choose between Del and Kait when playing Gears of War 4‘s campaign in co-op.

While it’s nice to learn more about Gears of War 4‘s characters, fans would likely prefer to see footage of them. So far, we’ve only seen JD and Kait in Gears of War 4‘s gameplay reveal trailer, so it would be interesting to see Del, Reyna, and Oscar in action. With E3 still a few months away, hopefully Microsoft doesn’t make gamers wait that long to see Gears of War 4‘s “stunning progress” for themselves.

Gears of War 4 will be available later this year, exclusively for Xbox One.

Source: Game Informer