Fallout 4: Watch 1,000 Robobrains Battle the Brotherhood of Steel

Fallout 4: Watch 1,000 Robobrains Battle the Brotherhood of Steel

Fallout 4: Watch 1,000 Robobrains Battle the Brotherhood of Steel

by March 23, 2016

One fan of Fallout 4 orchestrates a grand scale battle between man and machine, as 1,000 Robobrains take on an army of soldiers from the Brotherhood of Steel.

In order to celebrate Fallout 4‘s recent release of its Automatron DLC, the modder and YouTuber known as UpIsNotJump has created a video depicting the expansion’s Mechanist – that is, the add-on’s main baddie – and 1,000 of the villain’s Robobrains invading the Boston Commonwealth in a bid to rule the Wasteland. Of course, stepping up to defend the realm against the rise of the machines is Fallout 4‘s Elder Maxon and a battalion of power armor-wearing Brotherhood of Steel Knights, as they stand firm within the strongholds of a grounded base and the faction’s Prydwen airship.

For those unaware, UpIsNotJump’s fan-made footage for Fallout 4 is the latest in a slew of videos made by the open world title’s community, as there have been numerous large-scale skirmishes put together in the past and posted to YouTube. In fact, one of the most popular creations of its kind was made by the modder Cosmic Contrarian, who crafted a turf war that had 20,000 robots battling the entirety of the Commonwealth.

Not to be outdone, though, as seen in UpIsNotJump’s video below, the fight between the Robobrains and the Brotherhood of Steel is quite well done, as the YouTuber’s camera work and editing skills are on point. Not to mention, he’s even able to inject a bit of dramatic tension not found in a lot of other similarly-themed battle clips by staging a face-to-face between Elder Maxon and the Mechanist that’s definitely well worth a viewing.

Considering the fact that UpIsNotJump’s forte as of late has been to use Fallout 4 to remake pop culture pieces such as the second Captain America: Civil War trailer, and Marvel’s Season 2 trailer for its Daredevil series on Netflix, the YouTuber’s foray into something outside of his comfort zone has yielded impressive results. Bearing that in mind, UpIsNotJump’s video is sure to motivate some fans into purchasing Fallout 4‘s Automatron DLC, which can be obtained in one of two ways. As it happens, gamers can get it in the title’s Season Pass for $50, which will include all future add-ons, or the expansion can be bought as a standalone for $10.

At any rate, since Fallout 4‘s first expansion inspired UpIsNotJump to make the video above, it stands to reason that after the release date of all three planned DLC packs, the YouTuber will have his own take on all of Bethesda’s retro-futuristic wares. However, we can only guess as to what kind of footage he will come up with next.

What did you think about UpIsNotJump’s massive Robobrain versus Brotherhood of Steel fight for Fallout 4? Which of the community’s battle videos has been your favorite so far? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

Fallout 4 is out now and is available for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

Source: UpIsNotJump – YouTube