Fallout 4 Battle: 10,000 Mirelurks vs 500 Brotherhood of Steel

Fallout 4 Battle: 10,000 Mirelurks vs 500 Brotherhood of Steel

Fallout 4 Battle: 10,000 Mirelurks vs 500 Brotherhood of Steel

by February 7, 2016

Cosmic Contrarian returns to simulate a battle in Fallout 4! This time, it’s 10,000 mirelurks rising up against 500 Brotherhood of Steel knights on a beach.

Fallout 4 has seen plenty of battles ever since the game came out, ranging from unexpected ones like The Battle of Helms Deep or even several Liberty Prime clones tearing up the commonwealth. Thanks to a modification’s ability to quickly and easily spawn enemies, there’s been no shortage of these kinds of battles in Fallout 4, and most of them come from a YouTuber named Cosmic Contrarian.

Cosmic Contrarian is no stranger to created large-scale battles, as his YouTube account was the first to reach prominence for doing so. Whether it’s watching 30,000 deathclaws or even imagining a hypothetical an alien invasion in Diamond City, the battle-happy YouTuber seems to have done it all. One of Fallout 4’s more dangerous enemies that has failed to make an appearance in his videos so far is the water-based Mirelurk, and today Cosmic Contrarian fixes that oversight.

Avast what you’re doing and turn your eyes to the sea, for below cometh the Mirelurk battle we’ve all been waiting for:

Once the lasers started firing and the power armor started to get ripped off, it looked liked the Brotherhood of Steel had this fight in the bag. Around the five minute mark, however, some Mirelurk Queens come to support the troops, forcing the Brotherhood to nuke the beach and retreat for high ground.

The battle continued to wage on, and with the late addition of some Mirelurk Kings, the Brotherhood of Steel were forced to simply take as many lives as they could. Ultimately, their base fell like The Minutemen’s own Castle fortress.

The cinematography of the video also deserves some praise for nice moments like when the camera dips into the coast to reveal the marching Mirelurks as they head for the surface. The rest of the video looks quite good too, although it’s hard to make 500 laser bursts look terrible.

Cosmic Contrarian has evidently had plenty of practice when it comes to crafting these large-scale battles, and now that he can tick Mirelurks off his list we’re curious to see what the YouTuber will do next. He states that he’s working on three new videos at the moment, which he promises are coming soon. Those who subscribe to his Patreon get early access to find out what he’s up to, although at the moment it looks like only a handful of people have opted to do so.

Fallout 4 is currently available for PC, Xbox One, and PS4.

Source: YouTube