EA Sports UFC 2: How to Play as Joe Rogan

EA Sports UFC 2: How to Play as Joe Rogan

EA Sports UFC 2: How to Play as Joe Rogan

by March 21, 2016

Added as a mystery fighter in the first update to EA Sports UFC 2, gamers can unlock motor mouthed UFC commentator Joe Rogan for play by using the infamous Konami Code.

While MMA had its start in dark and dingy arenas, it has exploded into one of the most popular sports in the world, with the UFC cementing itself as the preeminent mixed martial arts league. Thus, the uber-popular company had no problems padding the roster for its second outing with EA Sports, naturally titled EA Sports UFC 2, with over 250 fighters ready to throw down.

While UFC 2 may have found itself the topic of discussion after gaming fans found themselves debating whether the dreaded “EA Sports Curse” had caused popular fighters and UFC 2 cover stars Ronda Rousey and Conor McGregor to lose fights, developer EA Sports and UFC president Dana White were quick to remind fans that anything can happen in the high octane world of MMA. Turns out, “anything can happen” also includes having one of the sport’s most popular announcers step into the octagon to trade blows with MMA’s best. Well, virtually at least, thanks to a brand new cheat code in UFC 2.

The first major update to the well-rated UFC 2 brought three new fighter to the game: Welterweight wunderkind Sage Northcutt, Women’s Strawweight tactician Jessica Aguilar, and an unrevealed mystery fighter. Debate raged on just who this enigmatic brawler could be, and gamers quickly got to work deciphering how to unlock the fighter. Just days after the update went live, players found that unlocking the mystery fighter required gamers look back to the cheat codes of yore; namely, the fabled Konami Code.

Perhaps gaming’s most infamous cheat code, the Konami Code reappears in UFC 2. Gamers found that inputting the venerated code on the game’s start screen would unlock the mystery fighter, which turned out to be the comedian turned MMA announcer Joe Rogan. To unlock the commentator, players need to input:

Xbox One: Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right, Left Right, B, A, Menu Button

PlayStation 4: Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right, O, X, Options Button

If done correctly, a clip of Rogan hollering “Wow! I love it!” will play, signifying the unlocking of the fighter. Once unlocked, Rogan can be found in the Welterweight division, with the one-time Fear Factor host clocking in at a respectable 86 rating (a point higher then the controversially rated wrestler turned soon-to-be fighter CM Punk.)

Cheat codes are a rare occurrence in the gaming world these days, so seeing EA Sports using the beloved code is a nice tip of the cap to the gaming world of yore. While Rogan has never stepped into the octagon before, his inclusion in EA Sports UFC 2 will let MMA fans and Rogan haters alike see just how the motor mouthed comedian does against the UFC’s best and brightest.

EA Sports UFC 2 is currently available for Xbox One and PlayStation 4

Source: Gamespot