DOOM’s Multiplayer Modes Revealed

DOOM’s Multiplayer Modes Revealed

DOOM’s Multiplayer Modes Revealed

by March 21, 2016

Publisher Bethesda officially reveals all of the multiplayer modes for developer id Software’s forthcoming reboot of the popular first-person shooter, DOOM.

Last week, Bethesda released details for the 9 multiplayer maps of DOOM, and now the publisher has taken to its blog once more to reveal all of the different gameplay modes that will be playable in each of the areas. According to the studio, the reboot for the gory first-person shooter is set to have 6 separate modes in its multiplayer at launch, which are named Soul Harvest, Freeze Tag, Warpath, Domination, Team Deathmatch, and Clan Arena.

Bethesda reports that each of DOOM‘s multiplayer modes has its own style of combat and gameplay, as the offerings should please fans of classic deathmatch battles, as well as those folks who happen to be looking for a fresh take on multiplayer. And, of course, the action found within the first-person shooter wouldn’t be complete without its trademark display of over-the-top guts and gore.

As seen in the trailer for DOOM‘s multiplayer modes below, Bethesda spotlights Soul Harvest, Freeze Tag, and Warpath, and only offers quick glimpses of the last three gameplay styles available. In Soul Harvest, players will kill the competition and collect orbs containing the essence of their enemies — similar to the Call of Duty franchise’s Kill Confirmed gameplay — with a Demon Rune cropping up on the map where the first combatant is killed. Alternately, the Freeze Tag mode lets gamers turn their foes into frozen statues that need to be unthawed by a teammate before succumbing to death. Warpath, meanwhile, is a revamped King of the Hill mode that has players battling to dominate a constantly moving capture point.

As far as the other modes go, Domination will pit fans against one another as they attempt to possess three fixed points on the map, while a Demon Rune spawns randomly during the action. Team Deathmatch, of course, is pretty self-explanatory, while Clan Arena is DOOM at its most stripped-down, for all pick-ups are removed, respawns don’t exist, and there’s no way for players to restore health or armor.

While these multiplayer styles look and sound great, with Bethesda making a point to mention that these will be the 6 modes “available at launch,” it’s safe to presume that more will be included in the long run with future DLC. Even though some DOOM fans might wince at the possibility of the game having add-ons after it goes on sale, it would be naive to think id Software wouldn’t want to extend the shelf life of the game as much as possible with expansions, while also reaping the benefits of added revenue.

Should DOOM fans be enticed by all of the aforementioned materials, the game’s closed beta date begins on March 31 and ends on April 3, so it’s still possible for gamers to find out if they’re eligible to experience the title’s multiplayer before its official release. Those who pre-ordered Wolfenstein: The New Order and redeemed the code for the beta will have access, while it will be possible for others to simply go to GameStop starting on April 1 and simply ask for one of its beta codes out of a limited supply. Taking into consideration everything that’s been shown thus far for DOOM, if fans have the capacity to take part in id Software’s trial run, they would be wise to make the effort to join.

DOOM is set to release on May 13, 2016 for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

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