Division Player Wins 1v8 Battle in the Dark Zone

Division Player Wins 1v8 Battle in the Dark Zone

Division Player Wins 1v8 Battle in the Dark Zone

by March 24, 2016

One agent in The Division takes down two squads of rogue agents who were shooting on sight, proving that numbers aren’t everything when it comes to Dark Zone battles.

Now that The Division has been out for several weeks, players in the game have had time to form squads and gel as teams in the Dark Zone. Some of these squads go the sans-karma route and murder other agents from The Division, collecting loot by dominating areas near extraction points.

This week, two squads were doing just that when a solo agent took them all on at once, and ended up walking out the victor after casually mowing them down one after another.

During the game’s beta phase, we were impressed at the footage of one stalwart agent fending off a team of 3 rogue agents whilst operating solo, but the below video takes things to the next level. Taking on eight players at once (maybe they were practicing for multi-squad raids?), the heroic agent certainly demonstrates why numbers don’t solely win battles.

While the player’s shooting could have been better, one can’t deny the results: amidst the carnage that is the Dark Zone, no less than 8 rogue agents were put to pasture by the player, whom we’re going to assume is the Division-based reincarnation of The Punisher.

While the gameplay footage above wasn’t truly a 1 vs 8 encounter (there were some other agents running around during the action), it’s clear that the real fight was between our hero and the group of the baddies, who failed to take down their target throughout both the fire escape and ruined space of abandoned shop in the combat zone.

The video is the perfect example of why the Survival Link skill from the security wing is a great skill to have. It grants an 80% reduction to damage intake at the cost of 30% movement speed, and lasts 15 seconds. It came in as a clutch move in the above video, as the other squads of agents didn’t know to back off and wait for the skill to cooldown, effectively making the fight five times as difficult for them as it needed to be, which is exactly why the lone agent came out on top when all was said and done.

The stoic agent certainly earned his level-up in the above footage, but players don’t have to tackle multiple squads at the same time to get the same result. We’ve written some handy guides on where to find the computer-controlled Dark Zone bosses, and provided a Dark Zone farming path for those looking to level up as quickly as possible. The first player to reach the maximum Dark Zone rank in The Division only did so after 130 hours of playtime, so chances are it’s a long road ahead for most players.

What do you think about the 1 vs 8 action, Ranters? Could you have pulled off the coup?

Tom Clancy’s The Division is available now for PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4.

Source: YouTube