Dishonored 2 – Everything we know so far

Dishonored 2 – Everything we know so far

Dishonored 2 – Everything we know so far

by April 20, 2016

The story of the assassin and the Empress’ daughter isn’t done yet. In the first Dishonored, Corvo Attano cleans up Dunwall’s corrupt, treacherous upper class with his arsenal of deadly weapons and supernatural abilities, but given how terribly immoral and nefarious Dishonored’s world is, you just have to assume the peace won’t last for long. At the end of the first game, Corvo managed to eliminate the people responsible for the assassination of the Empress and framing Corvo for her murder, saving the Empress’ young daughter Emily. But it doesn’t seem that Corvo will be able to hang up his mask and enjoy assassin retirement just yet.

Details on the upcoming first-person stealth title are still few. Bethesda has released only a teaser trailer with the game’s announcement back at E3 2015, plus a few tidbits about the game here and there. So, what’s Dishonored 2 going to be about? Is Corvo returning for the sequel? Can we still watch our enemies get nibbled to death by rat swarms? We have the answers and everything else we know about the game so far, right here.

The game takes place 15 years after Dishonored

There’s a pretty hefty gap of time between the events of Dunwall leading into Dishonored 2. Corvo still has all of his powerful assassin abilities intact, but now he isn’t alone. The Empress’ daughter Emily is his new protege, and has grown up from the defenseless little girl of the first game into a supernatural assassin in her own right. And it seems that Emily has really taken to her guardian’s profession, because she has all of the stabby-stabby skills.

Emily had been sitting on Dunwall’s throne until a new villain usurps her claim and boots her out of power. At the beginning of Dishonored 2, Emily and Corvo have become outlaws, forcing them to travels to the seaside city of Karnaca (in which you will be spending most of your time). Emily seems to be under the tutelage of Corvo, and perhaps isn’t exactly a master assassin herself yet. Here’s to hoping we get a good look into the duo’s ‘master and apprentice’ relationship.

You can play as two protagonists

With Emily being a legitimate badass, it only makes sense to have her be a new, controllable hero in the Dishonored series. But fans of Corvo need not worry: you’ll be able to play as either of the two sneaky killers. However, you won’t be able to freely swap between the two once you’ve made your choice. Emily and Corvo see the world from different perspectives, and though you will be playing through the same missions no matter who you choose, you might learn different things about the world depending on who you’re playing. To get every little detail on the world and story, you’ll need to do two separate playthroughs.

As far as abilities go, Corvo uses his familiar blink teleport, rat swarm, possession, and time-stopping abilities from the first game. Emily, on the other hand, has a new set of mystical skills granted to her by the mysterious Outsider. For example, her Far Reach power allows her to grapple to the tops of buildings, grab enemies from afar, or pull objects from a distance. She seems to have control over some sort of dark shadow which can take many forms. Sounds like the perfect tool for an assassin.

It takes place in a new city

As mentioned before, Dunwall is out of the picture for Dishonored 2. Instead of the Victorian London aesthetic, Karnaca takes on a warmer setting in a southern country. Karnaca is the capital city of Serkonos, which happens to be Corvo’s birthplace. Connect the dots, and it makes sense that as outlaws, Corvo would take Emily out of Dunwall to a place he knows, like his previous home. There’s no telling (yet) how the new location will change up the gameplay, but judging from the trailer, there will still be plenty of bougie interiors to infiltrate.

The plague is back

Despite its beachfront location and assuredly delightful weather, Karnaca isn’t a paradise. In fact, it’s far from it. The city is undergoing its own epidemic, one that spreads disease through infectious swarms of insects. It sounds pretty gross, but to the assassin, anything can be a tool. The insects gather wherever rotting corpses are collected. So, if you hide a few bodies in key locations, you might be able to harass and distract guards with infectious insects.