Destiny: Gjallarhorn Will Not Upgrade With The Taken King

Destiny: Gjallarhorn Will Not Upgrade With The Taken King

Destiny: Gjallarhorn Will Not Upgrade With The Taken King

by August 21, 2015


If a comprehensive poll were put together to determine what Year One weapon the legions of Guardians would want to see upgraded in Destiny: The Taken King, the Gjallarhorn would more than likely top the list. The majority of Destiny fans admit to favoring the exotic due to its potency during the action-RPG’s Year 1 run, for the rocket launcher has helped lead them to a bunch of wins in the Crucible, the game’s popular PvP mode. As a matter of fact, many players think that the Gjallarhorn is one the best guns in the game, and celebrated quite heartily after it went on sale in Xur’s inventory once more. Funnily enough, the title’s official sub-Reddit not only changed the mouse cursor to the weapon that day, but the thread also had the rocket launcher streaming in a constant loop across the page’s header.

Prior to Xur’s selling of the Gjallarhorn, a lot of top-tier Guardians considered the then sought-after weapon a necessity for other players to have in order to even join up in their groups, which led to what many gamers consider to be Destiny‘s major flaw: elitism within the ranks of its seasoned professionals. Bearing that in mind, Bungie’s most recent Weekly Update addresses fans’ questions about the possibility of Gjallarhorn remaining a formidable force for The Taken King, and the studio has confirmed that the exotic will not be upgradable to Year 2’s damage levels.

During Destiny‘s Year Two stream reveals, a lot of people realized that the Gjallarhorn was not shown in the year 2 slot and were concerned if the explosive firearm would even be available once The Taken King drops. Developers say that players will still be able to use the gun, but Bungie stood firm behind its explanation to nerf top-tier weapons, as the exotic rocket launcher will have a new base attack value of 160. By comparison, though, the gun will be far weaker than the average Taken King weapon.

Thanks to Destiny‘s new Infusion system, which allows Guardians to take all new exotic and legendary weapons and armor and combine them  consuming the more powerful item to boost a favored bit of equipment Year 2 weapons will start out with an already forceful base attack value of 280. When speaking about the gear upgrade changes, Bungie says:

“In addition to a bunch of brand new Exotics for you to discover in Year Two, we’re redesigning and redeploying some select Exotics from Year One . . . [but] Gjallarhorn will remain a Year One Exotic at Year One levels.”

Although some fans will surely be upset with the announcement, developers have been hinting at modifications to weapon classes with The Taken King for quite some time. This type of evolution is the nature of the beast when it comes to MMOs like Destiny, and hopefully Bungie has a boatload of sleek, effective guns that will eventually become players’ new favorites.

What do you think about Destiny‘s neutering of Gjallarhorn? Did you expect it to happen, or is it a surprise to you? Either way, will Bungie’s decision to do so affect your purchasing of The Taken King expansion once it becomes available next month?

Destiny: The Taken King is set to release on September 15, 2015, for PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360, and Xbox One.