Dark Souls 3 Runs at 900p on Xbox One

Dark Souls 3 Runs at 900p on Xbox One

Dark Souls 3 Runs at 900p on Xbox One

by March 24, 2016

In-depth testing from Digital Foundry demonstrates that the Xbox One version of Dark Souls 3 can’t match the 1080p resolution achieved by the PlayStation 4 version of the game.

For fans of the super-difficult series of action RPGs, the imminent release of Dark Souls 3 has to be a very exciting prospect. Unfortunately, there’s now word that the Xbox One version of the game might not be able to deliver the same experience that players will enjoy on the PlayStation 4.

Detailed testing from Digital Foundry, published via Eurogamer, suggests that Dark Souls 3 will only manage a resolution of 900p on Xbox One hardware. The PlayStation 4 version of the game is able to maintain a stable 1080p.

As a result, the Xbox One version will have it resolution upscaled on HD displays, at the cost of some detail. Digital Foundry also found some framerate stuttering that apparently causes the title to drop below 30 FPS.

This will be disappointing news for Xbox One owners eagerly anticipating the game, but it’s not altogether unexpected. The development of last year’s Bloodborne allowed From Software to become familiar with PlayStation 4 hardware, but this is the studio’s first release for Microsoft’s eight-generation console.

That said, on the whole the report from Digital Foundry is broadly positive about both versions of the game. It’s noted that the team felt that “the Xbox One release still looks impressive with its post AA in place” and that “the upscale from 900p doesn’t dampen the experience to any tangible degree.”


In any case, the difference between both consoles ability to run the game likely won’t be as impactful as the strange decision to stutter the release of Dark Souls 3 in different regions. While the game released in Japan this week — allowing Digital Foundry to perform tests — it won’t see a launch elsewhere until April.

For most titles, this would be a minor frustration, but Souls fans are rightfully outraged. Part of the appeal of these games is figuring out the many secrets hidden away and theorizing about its lore with other fans, and the head-start given to some players might make the Internet a risky place to be for fans over the next few weeks.

Fortunately, early impressions of Dark Souls 3 from those lucky enough to have access to a Japanese copy of the game are very positive indeed. Anyone eager for another slice of super-challenging combat in a unique and engrossing setting should be well served when the game is rolled out elsewhere in a few weeks time.

Dark Souls 3 is scheduled to launch for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC on April 12, 2016.

Source: Eurogamer