Battleborn Open Beta Starts Early April

Battleborn Open Beta Starts Early April

Battleborn Open Beta Starts Early April

by March 23, 2016

Gearbox is back, announcing Battleborn’s upcoming open beta. PlayStation 4 players gain access starting April 8, with PC and Xbox One players joining April 13.

Battleborn is about to be battle birthed. In a “Calling All Badasses” shout-out to their community, developer Gearbox invited players to participate in their mutliplayer FPS‘ upcoming open beta. The full game is tentatively planned for a May 3 launch, which gives Gearbox about a month and a half to work with. Wanting a bit of time to respond any issues that crop in the beta, Gearbox decided that an early April open beta would be best.

As part of a presumed partnership with Sony, PlayStation 4 players will be invited to Battleborn‘s open beta almost a week earlier than PC and Xbox One players. The PlayStation 4 open beta begins on April 8 while the PC and Xbox One open betas begin on April 13, and everything ends on April 18 at 7:00am PST. In addition, PlayStation 4 players who take part in the beta will unlock Battleborn‘s “DLC Pack 1” and the Alani character on launch day.

The beta itself will be fully featured, though limited in playable content. That is to say, all 25 heroes will be in-game (though few will be instantly available while others unlock through progress), but only two story missions and two competitive multiplayer modes will be playable. Otherwise, all progression systems are accessible, as is the multiplayer party system and matchmaking. Take note that PS4 players can participate with or without a PS+ subscription, but Xbox Live is required for the multiplayer portions of the Xbox One beta.

As part of the open beta announcement, Gearbox also decided to release an all new story trailer. Compared to the game’s previous story trailer, this one tones down a lot of the interstellar war themes and is now focuses a bit more heavily on individual characters.

A lengthy beta like what Gearbox is offering for Battleborn is always encouraged, though it’s disappointing that the bulk of it will be limited only to PlayStation 4 players. These types of partnerships are always anti-consumer and frustrate potential fans. It may also put the game at a disadvantage since Battleborn is launching into an especially oversaturated market with other huge releases like Overwatch and Paragon looming. Segregating fans at this point may very well result in driving them to a competitor’s game.

Battleborn, nevertheless, offers a unique mix of Gearbox’s Borderlands humor and cooperative multiplayer mixed with assorted MOBA ideals. Battleborn‘s biggest challenge is in showing players what it really is and why it’s appealing. The beta will gift Gearbox the perfect opportunity to show that it isn’t just your typical multiplayer team arena game, or really a MOBA at all. It’s something unique, which hopefully many will discover when trying the game out for free.

Battleborn is planned to release on May 3 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC. It’s a full-priced retail game with a Season Pass of DLC already up for pre-order. The game’s open beta will launch on April 8 for PlayStation 4 players and April 13 for PC and Xbox One players, ending for all on April 18.