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Dirt Rally review

You’d struggle to find a more solitary pursuit than rallying. Often with no other cars on the track, taking to

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Hyrule Warriors: Legends review

Shoving the Zelda universe into Dynasty Warriors’ mass-brawling action template was a polarising love/hate affair on Wii U. But whichever

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Pokken Tournament review

One of the things that people like to complain about when it comes to the main Pokemon series is that

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The Kingsglaive movie gives me hope for Final Fantasy 15

Kingsglaive, the feature-length Final Fantasy 15 tie-in prequel starring Aaron “Yeah science!” Paul, isn’t just a great piece of Final

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If the Vita’s dead, then why are there so many games right now?

It seems you can’t go a single conversation about the Vita without having someone chime in with some permutation of

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Why I Love: gathering herbs in games

At the risk of sounding like a dangerous wizard, I’d like to take you back in time. Many years ago,

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The best Xbox One bundle deals available now

It you’re after Microsoft’s latest console you’ll want the best Xbox One deals. It can be really hard to keep

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Why I Love: Hitman’s vampire magician costume

I’ve been slowly digging into the new Hitman game over the last few months, peeling away at its numerous layers,

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Lionhead closes today – one of gaming’s greatest dreamers is gone

Making video games is a high-cost, high-risk endeavor and, sadly, studios going out of business is a common occurrence –

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Pokemon Go’s testing a new tracker but not everyone’s getting it yet

Niantic has updated Pokemon Go again and made steps to restore the much needed tracker system that lets you actively

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Celebrate International Cat Day with the Cat Cosplay master

 This feature first appeared in GamesMaster magazine. It’s almost unfair how much attention dogs got in games last year. D-Dog,

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Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE review

It was somewhere between rescuing a burly American moe-obsessive dressed like a Saturday morning cartoon version of a Gwar member

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Game Developer Barbie Releasing in 2016

Mattel announces its plans for 2016’s ‘Career Barbie’, choosing to make the iconic doll a Game Developer as part of

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Call of Duty 2 storms onto Xbox backwards compatibility

Good news for fans of storming beaches – Call of Duty 2 is out now on Xbox One Backwards compatibility.

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Dark Souls 3 DLC Ashes of Ariandel adds new weapons, magic, and a PvP arena on October 25

Come October 25, it’ll be time to light the bonfires again and experience the first Dark Souls 3 DLC, Ashes

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Drive director ‘would love to’ make a Batgirl movie

Aside from perhaps Star Wars, the biggest movies being made in Hollywood right now are those of a superhero nature,

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Japanese Ghostbusters theme is clearly superior to the Fall Out Boy version

The new Ghostbusters theme song featuring Fall Out Boy and Missy Elliott got a supernaturally chilly reception, but Sony Pictures

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Hitman Releases World of Assassination Trailer

Sony and IO Interactive release a new trailer for the first season Hitman that displays the potential for a sleek

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